A short film about climbing lifestyle in Istria.


Besides its natural beauty, Istria offers the possibility of all year round climbing. Climbing has a long history in Istria, but it was not until the late 20th century that climbing enthusiasts really began systematically opening and equipping new routes all around the peninsula. With the emergence of new routes, Istria began to attract more and more climbers from all over the world wishing to conquer some of its trickiest routes.

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  • DATE

    November 2017

  • Client

    County of Istria, Administrative department for Tourism


  • Directed by:

    Goran Nacinovic

  • Assistant director / producer :

    Bianca Dagostin

  • Director of photography / camera / editing / color grading :

    Goran Nacinovic

  • Sound design / field recordist / music composer :

    Sanel Isanovic

  • Drone operator :

    Daniel Cerin

  • Climbers/actors:

    Goran Matika, Enna Peroš, Malik Matika

  • Song lyrics written by:

    Marko Brezicevic

  • vocals:

    Nicole Vidak