Short film

Written in stone

This short narrative film follows four runners on their journey through beautiful Istrian landscapes.


A short promotional movie describing the racers feelings and unexplainable energy inspiring him to run through Istria’s forests, mountains, paths and beautiful hills.


You know, i never wanted my name written in stone. Nothing should be constant, so i keep on trailing over theese rocks and dirt. Thats my tribute to life. The way it should be.

But you know what, i see some constant in the beauty, perhaps its the only thing thats supposed to linger on after our path. So imgrateful the beauty allows me to be part of it with my own love, my own purpose. Making it my ownpath.

The trees, the rocks, the sea, it all becomes more alive as i take each step forward to claim this day. Sometimes i rest, sometimes i close my eyes and all of this becomes new to me again. But i never stop, i never stop progressing.

My name doesnt need to be written in stone. Not at all. But the tracks,they should be imbeded in the road.

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  • Directed by:

    Sanel Isanovic / Goran Nacinovic

  • Director of photography / camera 1 / editing / color grading:

    Goran Nacinovic

  • Camera 2:

    Rajan Milosevic

  • Music composing:

    Sanel Isanovic

  • Mixing / mastering engineer:

    Sanel Isanovic

  • Narration:

    Andrew Bliss

  • Narration text:

    Marko Brezicevic

  • Drone operator:

    Dino Diminic and Vlatko Martincic

  • Runners: Ana Blecic, Deana Skoric, Mauricio Krizmanic, Dean Sosic:

    Ana Blecic, Deana Skoric, Mauricio Krizmanic, Dean Sosic.

  • DATE:

    March 19, 2015