Promotional campaign for Kvarner’s schrimp.


The campaign #Zagrlipodmorje (#hugtheseabed) includes a series of videos that promotes the consumption of Kvarner’s shrimp and at the same time aims to draw attention to the importance of protecting its habitat.
The tagline #zagrlipodmorje suggests that tasting this seafood delicacy is the best way in experiencing the underwater world submarine, but at the same time calls for responsible behavior towards the sea, our greatest natural treasure.
By displaying the shrimp in different places, a message is sent that the celebration of the shrimp is in everyone huts, fish markets, restaurants and homes in Labin where the shrimp is being hunted, prepared and eaten.
So enjoy the shrimp celebration!

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  • Directed by / director of photography / camera / editing / color grading

    Goran Nacinović

  • Field recordist / mixing engineer / mastering / light engineer / gaffer

    Sanel Isanović

  • Concept / assistant director / producer

    Bianca Dagostin

  • Copywriting

    Ana Tavić

  • Year


  • Client

    FLAG "Alba"